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Public Kerosky Portfolio

Oct 2017 - Private portfolio available on request.

Story by Thad Kerosky January 8th, 2016


Information visualizations 2011 - present

Co-created the small multiples UX for front-end of the very first Ungentry version in May 2014-Code for Boston
Processed daily government Excel PDFs for the first 5 months of Ebola crisis toward local clarity in Liberia
Exploring new perspective on interstitial space in time series data. Shows how @dgateway is using a tweet robot.
First fully-featured, cross-organizational International Aid Open Data IATI standard project location viewer
From OpenStreetMap,extracted #PeaceCorps-tagged edits & statistics for DC headquarters to coordinate with 300+ active volunteers worldwide
2016 & 2017: Converted inboxes to exportable indicators for int‘l NGO to baseline its network of 8 staff w Immersion
2017: Created a Scrollytelling Google Sheet managed Mapbox GL web app to showcase USAID OpenStreetMap-oriented university partnerships
Cleaned and processed 6 million voter records for point, district and county maps in preparation for humanitarian data portal using R & SQL.
For Nov 2017 Election: Wordpress site built by Liberian developer Alex Bayoh with my assistance on data, maps and d3.js/javascript.


Farm Radio: RF geo-modeling & SMS/IVR messaging based in Arusha, Tanzania (line 1). World Bank Education Beneficiary Feedback dashboard IVR mock (line 2) based in DSM & Dodoma

Groundtruthing and tweaking 4 different models of radio service contours resulted in the map on the left.
During the Agripoll Gates Fdn funded survey of 6000 farmers, I created a dashboard keeping these humming.
Models and population GIS work lead to in part this poster showing the reach of program's radio station partner.
Scoped need, TOR and inputs for system to help Tanzanian education ministry to track its teacher transfers.
Scoped TOR and inputs for system to help Tanzanian headmasters report waylaid government funds.


In December 2014, I travelled to Manila to gather requirements for this product. It started as three embedded maps and eventually evolved to the single page app shown below. After the initial baseline buildout in April 2014, I was the lead developer, data and GIS analyst, planning and shifting the React-Leaflet-based product forward into each iteration toward final release in December 2015.

Carefully clustered country view‘s project location balances density of information & performance at every zoom
See underlying pattern of China ADB locations by taking WorldPop data, converting & aggregating to districts
Asia-wide Navigation View is a fresh start into Project Explorer, reflecting number of ADB projects per country.
World Bank geocoded project locations along with the colored ADB project locations (thematic layer)
Easily scan through thousands of ADB locations across four Mekong Delta countries.
UNDP geocoded project locations along with the colored ADB project locations (thematic layer)
Infant Mortality Layer sourced from Demographics and Health Survey and styled (thematic layer)
Browse a project‘s locations individually.
See counts of projects in a particular ADB sector like Transport as they link up Asia. Directly zoom to the clusters.


In just a day, I converted the Asian Development Bank product to use mobile responsive CSS3. Also showing other DG products I contributed to launching and maintaining.

Simulator Screen Shot Dec 16, 2015, 6.27.12 PM.png
Simulator Screen Shot Dec 16, 2015, 5.28.58 PM.png
Simulator Screen Shot Dec 16, 2015, 5.28.14 PM.png
Simulator Screen Shot Dec 16, 2015, 5.27.55 PM.png
Simulator Screen Shot Dec 16, 2015, 5.27.41 PM.png
Simulator Screen Shot Dec 16, 2015, 5.27.31 PM.png
Core developer on Aid Management Platform 2014 GIS Module at launch.


Original photography from Tanzania in 2009 and Liberia in 2011.

Rural Tanzania Teacher Training College where I taught ICT courses and system administration 2007-2009.
100_8397 - Version 2 (1).jpg
Visited and helped Unix labs run smoothly at 8 Teachers College campuses around Tanzania.
Desk of highschool headmaster whose school received a grant from Friends of Liberia


Proposal and program ICT team visuals from 2012.

Mapbox.js-based application.


Web work on App Store machine learning web application in early 2014 (Backbone Marionette JS, Python Django backed).

iOS Simulator Screen shot Aug 14, 2014, 3.18.24 PM.png
iOS Simulator Screen shot Aug 14, 2014, 3.17.32 PM.png
iOS Simulator Screen shot Aug 14, 2014, 3.17.24 PM.png

FARMBUILDERS (‘11 - ‘12)

Served in CTO role at social enterprise of twenty staff in Kakata, Liberia working with 1,000+ individual farmers. Additional samples of system design (NetSuite), Excel business modeling, and mapping analysis (ArcGIS) are available.

Selected template, edited content and styles, published.
Managed sample data gathering & processing for 100+ rubber tree farms 60+ sr mgmt reports
Created logistics service area designations, integrated with farm polygons into CRM using Fusion Table embed.


Miami University, graduated May 2007. Over 1yr of research, built 2GB SQL analysis database of interactions over 7 year lifecycle of once-thriving story-sharing website and wrote 80pg synthesis. Visualization in Excel & statistics in JMP/SPSS

Durable Signal (dragged).png
See the rise and fall of a community over 7 years in readability scores.
My team of 6 undergrads created this 2006 website design for a capstone project of Interaction Media Studies department.
SQL-based analysis of scraped data.